Tank Safety

Efficient cargo handling: Compared to drums, tank containers are fast and safe to load/unload. A tank container can be typically loaded/unloaded in 90 minutes whereas drums can take up to 8 hours. One tank container has the loading capability of approximately 25,000 liters (6340 US gallons) whilst one container can only usually carry 13,325 liters (3520 US gallons) in drums.

Compared to drums: Not subject to slow and unsafe filling/unloading operation.

Compared to flexibags: Not subject to low and unsafe filling/unloading operation.

Compared to tanker vessel: Free from risk of contamination at pipes and tanks for transloading from vessel to plant.

Cargo protection: Tank containers are very sturdy packages of chemicals. A stainless steel shell (approx 4.5mm thick) ensures the product arrives to its destination safely and free from contaminates. ITT performs a pressure and function test on all its tanks containers before being presented to be loaded.

Compared to drums: 1 sole tank container versus 80 potential points of leaking, homologated isotank regulations instead of a wide range of quality plastic and steel drum rules.

Compared to flexibag: Stainless Steel shell versus a bag exposed to breakage and punctures due to improper fitting in a dry container and or internal gas pressure.

Compared to tanker vessels: Free of contamination risk due to unproper cleaning of vessels tanks, or pipes used for transloading.

Environment: ISO tank containers have the most efficient CO2 footprint transport system for bulk liquids. The tank container does not produce waste package unlike drums and flexibags. The tank is fully re-usable.

Compared to drums: Free of residues due non reusable drums, more CO2emissions per transported metric ton.

Compared to Flexibag: Free of residues due not reusable bag, more CO2emissions per transported metric ton.

Road Tanker : Thousands of tanks can be stacked in a vessel versus one truck to carry same quantity as an isotank, resulting in more CO2 emissions per transported metric ton.