Advantages of Tanks

Tank containers are safe, reliable, and are a cost effective transport medium for moving bulk liquids around the world. Tank containers are designed, tested, and approved for the safe, economical and efficient transportation of a broad range of liquid products.

Economy: Lower transportation cost per liter compared to drums, IBC’s, and flexibags (limited to non dangerous cargos) for most routes.

Comparative : Isotank vs. Drums


Parcel Tankers

Tank Containers

Cost Effectiveness
Costly to buy, handle, store, dispose Transportation, terminal, Storage high costs Cost effective fill, ship and unload
Efficiency in use
Rarely reused or reusable, costly disposal Large minimum cargo size - 200 to 500 tons Minimal handling, flexible pipeline
Susceptable to leakage and damage Risks of contamination from pipelines, pumps and storage Optimum safety, robust primary package
Multiple handling and labeling, costly Restricted destination choice, not door to door Totally intermodal road, rail, sea, door to door
Large storage area requirement Compatitble tank storage, costly Immediate, low cost, secure storage

Lower inventory cost: Isotanks require less inventory cost since they are directly loaded from plant with no waiting time by utilizing regular sea line services. Compared to drums: No previous storage for filling and container stuffing needed. Compared to flexibags: No previous bag fitting needed. Compared to tanker vessels: No need for shipping and receiving of big inventories, also shipments are not subject to tanker vessel availability with long waiting times.